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Scandinavian Tank Storage invests in new oil storage cavern

K-Svets is engage in a project for Scandinavian Tank Storage in Gothenburg to expand the storage capacity by adding a new cavern to its storage facilities. The project includes equipment, steel and piping and one example of items manufactured by K-Svets are two flares (for images klick on the link below).

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Konstruktionssvets - Specialist in complex welding contracts

We serve the entire Nordic region and carry out assignments for customers in the petrochemical, nuclear power and paper industries among others. Our well-equipped plant manufactures customised structures that we then install on site at our customers' facilities.

Piping systems, pumps, pressure vessels and tanks. These are only a few of examples of what we manufacture and install on site. Each structure is tailored to the needs of the individual customer. All prefabrication is carried out in our well-equipped plant, which has excellent welding resources, as well as a section-rolling mill capable of handling IPE500 beams, a 4 m wide 400 tonne edge press and 3 m wide power shears capable of cutting through 25 millimetre plate.