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Rörentreprenader till St1 Raffinaderi och Inter Terminals Sweden AB

Stenungsund 2017-11-20

K-Svets har fått äran att under hösten tillverka och montera samtliga rörsystem för driftsättning av 5st cisterner i Färjestaden för St1 Raffinaderi samt en totalentreprenad på Inter Terminals anläggning i Skarvikshamnen som inkluderar konstruktion, tillverkning, montage och ytbehandling av rörsystem samt diverse cisternarbeten.

Cisterner till Drammen

Stenungsund 2017-10-11

Under hösten 2017 och våren 2018 har K-Svets fått i uppdrag att tillverka 1st 6000m3 samt 4st 120m3 cisterner till Drammen i Norge. Uppdraget är en totalentreprenad vilket inkluderar konstruktion, tillverkning, ytbehandling och isolering.

Leverans av ny kranbil

Stenungsund 2017-09-29

Grundkran - Palfinger PK78002SH (18 m, 3250 kg)

Jibb - Palfinger PJ125E PLUS (34-35 m, 610 kg)

Lastvikt - Ca 8100 kg

Övrigt - Utskjutbar soffa bak samt stödben fram.

Hjärtstartare finns nu på vårat kontor

Stenungsund 2017-09-14

Tidigare i år införskaffade vi oss en hjärtstartare och i samband med detta utbildade vi några ur personalen i Vuxen-HLR med hjärtstartare.

Scandinavian Tank Storage invests in new oil storage cavern


K-Svets is engage in a project for Scandinavian Tank Storage in Gothenburg to expand the storage capacity by adding a new cavern to its storage facilities. The project includes equipment, steel and piping and the flare below is one example of items manufactured by K-Svets.


K-Svets builds cistern in Södertälje

K-Svets has once again won a contract to build a new cistern of 6000 m3 in Södertälje harbour. Customer is ODEC Tankstorage AB. 

The contract is a turn-key solution including construction, manufacturing, surface treatment and insulation. The project is scheduled to be ready in March 2016.

K-Svets wins project at Preemraff in Gothenburg

Stenungsund, 2014-10-10

K-Svets has received the contract for the project RE2 when Preem expands the capacity for environmental friendly fuel at the refinery in Gothenburg, Sweden. Upgrading the unit will almost double Preems capacity for fuel based on renewable green material.

K-Svets contract includes piping, mechanical and equipment as well as surface treatment and insulation.

“We are very happy to be a part of the project for Preem”, says Frederik Gustafsson, Managing Director at Konstruktionssvets. “Both because it is an important project in the area and since we will be a part of creating a better environment for the future”.  

K-Svets sponsors the sailing race Tjörn Runt!

Stenungsund, june 2013

K-Svets sponsors the 50-year jubilee Tjörn Runt. The sailing race Tjörn Runt is an icon for Stenungsund and the region where K-Svets started in 1969. Even today, the region is an important market for K-Svets, although the company currently operates in both Sweden and Norway.

"We believe Tjörn Runt is important for the region and want to help to make the 50th-anniversary of Tjörn Runt a success. It is especially interesting that the race is conducted sailing backwards and the finish is in Stenungsund where we have our workshops, "say’s Lars Kristensson, CEO K-Svets AB.



Prefabrication and erection of piping to Perstorp Oxo AB

Stenungsund 2013-04-29

K-Svets has received an order from Perstorp Oxo AB regarding piping for the Valerox project. Valerox is a billion Swedish crown project and is one of Perstorp's biggest investments ever. K-Svets will prefabricate and erect of pipes in sizes up to DN750. The order also includes installation of rotating equipment.




Prefabrication of piping in K-Svets workshops in Stenungsund


New tank in Södertälje
Stenungsund 2013-04-17
K-Svets has won a contract to build a new tank of 6000 m3 in Södertälje. The client is ODEC Tank Storage. The project is a turnkey contract, which includes design, manufacturing, surface treatment and insulation. The project is scheduled for completion by summer 2013.

Tank during production

In full height

K-Svets invests in a new larger plate bending machine

Stenungsund 2013-02-19

K-Svets invests in a new larger plate bending machine

K-Svets has expanded its capacity to bend plates by investing in a new larger plate bending machine with higher capacity, both in terms of size of plates and material thickness. The new bending machine is part of the company's focus to increased capacity to bend plates, both for projects such as tanks, but also to perform bending directly for the end customer.

"With the new plate bending machine, we increase our capacity significantly. Now we can bend both larger and thicker plates, "says Lars Kristensson. "K-Svets already has one of the largest section bending machines in Sweden and by expanding our capacity for plate bending, we become a more complete supplier of bending" continues Lars.

The new plate bending machine handles widths up to 3000 mm. A 3000 mm wide plate can be 30 mm thick. The new plate bending machine is operational from this week.

K-Svets certified according to ISO 9001, ISO 3834 and EN 1090

November 2012


K-Svets are now quality certified according to ISO 9001:2008, ISO 3834-2:2005 and EN 1090-1:2009/AC:2010.


Quality is getting more and more important. K-Svets has been working with quality since the mid 90’s. The company’s quality management system has been developed and improved over the years in order to support the company’s quality goals. K-Svets has now chosen to go through a formal certification procedure and are now certified according to ISO 9001:2008, ISO 3834-2:2005 EN 1090:1, EXC 1, 2 and 3.

K-Svets quality management system covers manufacturing of pressure vessels, tanks and accumulators, pipelines, load bearing constructions and mechanical industrial maintenance.


Inauguration of TCM at Mongstad

May 2012

On May 7th the world’s largest test plant for CO2 capture, Technology Centre Mongstad (TCM), Norway, was inaugurated. K-Svets have manufactured and erected the piping for Alstom’s Chilled Ammonia Plant which is a part of TCM. Manufacturing have been conducted at K-Svets facilities in Stenungsund, Sweden, including NDT and surface treatment. Thereafter the piping has been transported by truck to Mongstad, Norway for erection. K-Svets started the work at Mongstad in the end of 2010 and has during the winter 2011/2012 had more than 100 men on site.

For more information see


Delivery of walkways

1 February 2012

Delivery of walkways to Petroport in Stenungsund.

Delivery of four tanks by boat to Oxelösund.

24 January 2012

The tanks were fabricated in the autumn and winter of 2011 in K-Svets's plant, and were painted indoors. The location of K-Svets's plant only 200 metres from the docks enables us to offer cost-effective solutions.