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Företagets grundare och ägare Leif Kristensson har lämnat oss i stor saknad, vi kommer minnas alla fina stunder vi har haft tillsammans.

Vår verksamhet kommer att fortsätta bedrivas i Leifs anda.

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Construction welding  Specialist in advanced welding contracts 


Construction welding - Specialist in advanced welding contracts

With the entire Nordic market as our market, we carry out assignments in the petrochemical industry, the paper and pulp industry, power and heating plants, the pharmaceutical industry and the shipbuilding industry. In our well-equipped workshop, customized constructions are manufactured which we then assemble at our customers' premises.

Pipe systems, pressure vessels and cisterns. These are some examples of what we manufacture and assemble for our customers, all designs are adapted to the needs of each individual customer. All pre-fabrication is done in our well-equipped workshops. There is a large welding capacity and, among other things, profile rollers that can handle up to IPE500 beams, a 4 m wide, 400 ton press brake and a 3 meter wide miter saw for 25 mm sheet metal.

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Manufacture of tank

Manufacture of 20,000 cubic meter tank in Gothenburg


Acid-resistant tanks

Tanks for pouring into a chemical industry


Acid-resistant tanks 

Acid-resistant tanks are delivered to a company that works with the recycling of residual products from the fishing industry.


Contact Us


Contact Us

If your question concerns rolling or cutting, please contact our Workshop & Rolling Manager Arijan Marijnissen according to the contact information below.

Welcome with your request!

Konstruktionsvets AB

Visiting address/Delivery address:   
Hjälmarevägen 22
444 31 Stenungsund

Phone: 0303-840 90
Org. no: 556134-2154

Mailing address:
Box 161
444 22 Stenungsund

Contact Us

Lars Kristensson
Tel. 0705-14 13 46


Operative manager

Jesper Eckers

Tel. 0735-70 96 50

Project Manager/Quality & Environment Manager
Gert Kristensson
Tel. 0705-28 40 90

Assembly/Project Manager
Håkan Hillberg
Tel. 0705-54 57 14

Assembly/Project Manager

Henrik Andersson

Tel. 0768-08 97 46

Workshop & Rolling Manager
Arijan Marijnissen
Tel. 0705-86 52 92

Welding manager
Håkan Frohm
Tel. 0706-93 37 39

Warehouse manager
Staffan Andersson
Tel. 0703-14 23 39

Financial manager
Anna Bernekil
Tel. 0730-86 68 88

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