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Fully equipped workshop

Over the years, we have continuously invested in modern equipment for our workshops. We have a large capacity for various types of welding work and this is where the pre-fabrication is done before most assemblies.

In addition to pre-fabrication for our own assembly, we carry out welding, mechanical assembly and machining. We carry out both serial and one-piece production.


Over the years, we have expanded our workshop area, currently we have 4 workshop halls of approx. 4000m2, one of which is used exclusively for stainless steel and aluminium. All halls are fully modern and equipped with traverses of up to 30 tonnes. In order to maintain a high level of service for you as a customer, we also have our own warehouse of approx. 100 tons of sheet metal and steel. In order to have the best working environment, we have strong extraction fences and provide filtered fresh air for our employees.

Feel free to contact our Workshop & Rolling Manager if you have any questions!

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