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Tanks and accumulators

New construction of the 20,000m3 oil tank in Syrhåla, Gothenburg


K-Svets is one of the country's leading tank builders, this one is   in Syrhåla in Gothenburg and is a 20,000m3 oil tank. The tank has a span of 36 meters &  20 meters high and weighs about 500 tons.

K-Svets is the general contractor on the tank and does all the steps in its own workshop or on site. Walls and roof beams are rolled in Stenungsund and transported to Gothenburg for assembly. Completed summer 2022

Thoughts for the future!

K-Svets has extensive experience in the manufacture and repair of cisterns and pressure vessels. K-Svets also installs floating roofs and replaces seals.

Over the years, we have manufactured a large number of tanks of varying sizes and materials, ranging from large accumulators and cisterns to minor repairs.(Some examples can be seen here.)

Through cooperation with both companies within the group and in our network, we deliver complete end-to-end solutions.

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